Online event : My Setouchi Lifestyle

Online event : My Setouchi Lifestyle

Featuring 3 people who are living in the Setouchi area.

One is from the Setouchi mountainous area(Saijo, Higashi-Hiroshima), and the other two are from islands area(Mitarai Yutaka-machi, Osakishimojima, Kure-city and Kurahashi-cho,Kure-city). Each person will show you their unique and real-living lifestyle there.  

Tom Coulton runs a photo studio and British style cafe in Mitarai and talks about SETOUCHI life as a Photographer's point of view.
Mean Qu lives in Higashi-hiroshima and tells you about his SETOUCHI life as a resercher of Hiroshima Univercity, academic point of view.
Jordan Langen shows you about his life style living the natural life on the island.

Saijo is very famous for Japanese-sake. There are 7 sake-BREWERIES in Saijo town which is not so big area.In October Sake-matsuri is held there.
As for Mitarai which is located in Osaki-shimojima island, it takes about a 1 hour drive from Kure city center, but there are so beautiful Setouchi calm scenery. And Mitarai has national important traditional buildings area, where has a history of prospering as a port city in Edo era.
Kurahashi island is the southernmost island of Hiroshima. There is a famous beach, a natural hot spring,and a replica of the KENTOSHISEN ship.

You can get this information by participating in this event !!

★Merit and De-merit of living on an island or local city.
★How to overcome and make relationships with local people and to get friends where unfamilier place?
★How to get the old house and do renovation?
★How to start your own business in local area?
★How to continue friendships with friends and co-workers who are living in Tokyo area?


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Date&Time:Thu 26 November 2020, 20:00 - 21:00 JST
Location:On your smartphone or PC
Application:Zoom(Meeting style)
Organizer:Hiroshima prefectual government office
Co-host:NPO Furusato kaiki shien center 
Contact:Chiikiryoku souzou ka,Hiroshima prefectual government office
Tel: 082-513-2581

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MC & Guests

Tom Coulton

<MC & guest speaker>
Tom moved to Mitarai area in Osaki-shimojima island
(Kure-city, Hiroshima) about 6 years ago.

He lives as a profesional He lives as a photographer
from Tokyo area and Hiroshima local business offers.
And also he runs a photo studio and British style cafe in Mitarai area which he renovated Japanese style old
house by himself.

渠 蒙 ( Mo- san)

Meng Qu is a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow at
the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences at
Hiroshima University, design director at Done-will Tech
China, and research director at Art Island Center Japan.
He currently oversees an interdisciplinary research
project on marginal island communities in the Seto
Inland Sea region of Japan.
He studied and worked as digital artist, interactive design director and vice president between Shanghai and
Beijing in the digital media art and museum design
He is focusing on the revitalization of rural communities
through international art festivals.
His interests are gardening, pottery and aikido.
Now he lives and studies in Higashihiroshima, Japan.

Jordan Langen

My name is Jordan and I am living on a small rural island in
Hiroshima Prefecture. It's in Kure city and the name of
the island is Kurahashi. The scenery is super beautiful, the food is delicious and the people are so nice. I enjoy raising chickens, having a garden and interacting with the local people. One of
my favorite activities is hiking up the local mountain and going
to the hotspring after! Please come visit Kurahashi Island!
I would love to show you around!

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